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---------- 16 Days of Activism ----------

16 Days of Activism against women and child abuse – On Friday Yachtport, TNPA and Saldanha Bay Municipality hosted a wonderful golf day for 61 young boys from 15 different schools in the Western Cape area at the Langebaan Golf Estate – The aim of the day was to create awareness around the abuse and violence against women and children, Yachtport SA proudly sponsored backpacks filled with all kinds of goodies and flyers displaying “did you know” type facts surrounding the topic. While SBM & Transnet came to the party with wonderful shirts that were given to the players and children – all in all this was a fun filled day where I believe the children were definitely touched and educated – A big thank you to Langebaan Golf Estate who provided their beautiful venue and a delicious braai. 

We would also like to take this moment to express the seriousness of women and child abuse - This is a growing concern all around the world - and change starts with you as a person. Even if you are not aware of any type of abuse affecting your family do still take the time to educate your children, teach them the value of another human's life and wellbeing - we are not always around to lead and protect our children or spouses, but we have the power to help them make informed choices and SPEAK UP!


Once again thank you to everyone who helped make this day a success


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---------- November ----------

Deus Te Ajude

Yachtport welcomed another fishing vessel Deus Te Ajude this month - She came in for general repair work and was also high pressure cleaned and antifouled - Yachtport wishes her goodluck with the crayfish season and hope to see her next year.

 c_130_130_16777215_00___images_November_2012_deus_2.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_November_2012_deus_de_ajude.jpg c_130_130_16777215_00___images_November_2012_dues_3.jpg

----Yachtport SA Overnight Race-----


 Yachts departing from Cape Town.

 The first annual Yachtport Overnight race a raging success



-------- Sinking Fishing Vessels --------


On Wednesday the 17th we got a very disturbing call from one of the skippers that works on SA Lobster's Nommer 7, The vessel was rapidly sinking and her sister Jo Ann had already gone under. The injured Nommer 7 was approaching fast and we had only minutes to prepare. Upon arrival we were informed that a much larger vessel from a neighbouring company had "run them over", The larger vessel's gears got stuck and he could not turn in time.

We are very happy to report that Nommer 7 is now safely mooring with some repairs to be done while Jo Ann was brought afloat and lifted out the following morning she was in much worse shape. She is currently on Yachtport premises awaiting a verdict.

Our hearts go out to SA Lobster and we hope that Jo Ann can be salvaged.  

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