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--- November tip of the Month ---

What to Bring when You Sail

Sailing is definitely one of the most unpredictable sports in the world, so where ever you are sailing to whether it is for leisure or a race it is best to always be prepared. 

Below you will find a list of important items that are likely to be forgotten. A checklist works best when preparing for a trip, be sure to add these items to your list. 

- Life Jacket

- Extra Line 

- Non-Slip Rubber soled shoes 

- Sunscreen/Sunglasses 

- Binoculars 

- Small waterproof bag for wallets and cellphones 

- Seasick Medication

- Zip lock Bags 

- Bucket with a retrieval line 

- Gloves 

- Tool kit and some spares 

and lastly some foul weather gear, you never know when the weather decides to pull a 180 on you. 

These are just a few items, some we hope to never use (especially the bucket) but it best to be prepared.

For more information on what to take when you go sailing feel free to give us a call, our Operations Manager Glenn Drewry has been through the good, the bad and the ugly, so it is always interesting to hear what he thinks is most important. 


--------- October 2013 ---------


It was with great pleasure that we welcomed back BEE LINE with her new owner Mr Wessels, this year she joined us for a high pressure clean, antifouling and some TLC. We hope to see them again and wish them many happy years together.

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This month we had to say goodbye to one of our permanent visitors, Day Off. They will be enjoying a much needed sailing trip before returning to South Africa.

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Double Strike

This is a very interesting opportunity for YachtportSA, this vessel will be refurbished completely, given a beautiful new blue color and the topside will also be re-sprayed. Over the next couple of weeks you will be able to follow our progress and see this amazing transformation. Check in each week for an update. 

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--------- September 2013 ----------


Yachtport wishes to thank Mr Johan Stemmet for bringing his new vessel Andante to us for some TLC, She received a high pressure clean and antifouling, we wish them many years together. 

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-- October tip of the Month --

Choosing the right Antifouling


Type of Antifouling

The types of antifouling available can be split into two types, hard and eroding. You will probably find other descriptions such as ablative, polishing or self-polishing. All these descriptions can be put under the umbrella of erodes. The basic and original type of antifouling is the hard antifouling. When immersed and in a wet state this antifouling is hard enough to withstand regular wiping down with a cloth or sponge without removal of substantial quantities of paint. Some local authorities may only allow these types to be used so the decision may have been made for you. 



---------- August 2013 ----------


This month Yachtport SA had the pleasure of working on Sherilyn, she received a high pressure clean and anti fouling, we hope to see this beautiful vessel next year and wish her smooth sailing. 

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